Getting a Title Loan Without a Title

Can You Get A Title Loan Without A Title?

It’s unfortunate that unexpected financial emergencies happen, but knowing your options can save you lots of time should this situation ever occur. Sometimes when they happen, we simply don’t have enough funds to cover it. Luckily, you do have options when it comes to accessing some quick cash.

Car title loans are a good way to access those much-needed funds and they don’t require you to have great credit. It’s also easy to apply with fewer requirements than traditional loans and the cash is typically available in 24 hours or less.

If you’re curious if it’s possible to get a title loan without a title, we’re here to answer that.

Requirements for An Auto Title Loan

First, let’s discuss the requirements for obtaining a title loan. Obviously, you need a car that qualifies because your loan amount is determined by your vehicle’s equity. To put it in simpler terms – your vehicle must have value for the lender to be comfortable providing a loan where your car is the collateral. In addition to a qualifying vehicle, most lenders will require you to have a clean, lien-free title.

Let’s say a vehicle has a lien on it. This means that a bank or another lender financed the vehicle when it was bought. If there is a lien, this means the car still has a balance owed. This lien will be present until the car loan has been paid in full. If you have no liens it means you do not owe anyone money for your car.

The title of your vehicle should have your name listed as the sole owner. There are some lenders that may be able to work with you if you need a title loan without a title, but these are far and few between. Therefore, it’s safe to assume that trying to get a title loan without a title is likely not going to happen.


Other Requirements for A Pink Slip Loan

There are some more requirements in addition to you owning the vehicle and having your name on the title. They include:

  • Proof of current registration and insurance
  • A minimum of a monthly income of $1,200. Funds can come from employment, disability, social security, etc.
  • A vehicle with enough equity
  • Lien-free title with your name on the title or pink slip
  • Driver’s license or identification

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Title Loans Without A Clear Title

Getting a title loan without a clear title isn’t a reality for most borrowers because the lender can’t know for sure who owns the vehicle. However, if you’re trying to get a title loan with no title because you can’t locate the original title, you’re in luck.

Your lender can provide you with instructions on how to request a copy of your title or a new title from your local DMV, or you can do some research here to see what’s needed for that process. Once you have the title to your vehicle, you’re able to get a title loan in no time at all.

Title loans are a helpful financial tool when unexpected expenses come up, and getting the funding you need is a straightforward, quick process. Qualifying for a title loan without a title, though, can be a challenge if you still owe a balance on your car loan or another title loan lender.

If you’re trying to get a title loan with no title because you can’t find your original ownership document, however, there are simple steps you can take to get a copy of your title. If you’re still wondering if you can get a title loan without a clear title, contact us at (855) 544-2388 and we’ll answer any questions you may have.

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